X-Men Movies In Chronological Order Complete


X-Men Movies In Chronological Order, it would be a nice time to go back and talk about all x-men movies the order maybe you should watch them in before you go check out All movie just in case you’re interested in knowing what character has been through and we’re going to add all the x-men movies and spin-offs to this.

Let’s get through this so if you are going to watch these X-Men movies in Chronological order you probably want to start off with the first movie.

Let’s me explain

X-Men Movies In Chronological Order

X-Men Movies In Chronological Order

The X-Men Movies In Chronological Order explain to start to finish the full complete X-Men movies.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

the beginning of how the x-men are formed and it’s a pretty soft reboot that sort of connects to the original films at the same time.

as well as rebooting things start off with first class one thing to note is the magneto birth one of the greatest villains in origin movie.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

this is the beginning of Wolverine origins.

Meanwhile, William Stryker also wants to turn Logan into the ultimate weapon for him, so he hatches a cunning plan.

He gets Sabertooth to go around killing the previous members of Team X, then goes to Logan to ask for help with the whole situation.

after Sabertooth pretends to kill Kayla and Logan comes back to accept Stryker’s offer to take down Sabertooth.

Stryker put adamantium metal to Logan’s entire skeleton making him completely unstoppable killing machine and Also Stryker plans to wipe his memory.

Logan runs away and tries to hide out with an old grandpa but Stryker orders one of the Team X mutants to kill him unfortunately his gone.

Wolverine plans to go after Stryker for revenge.

Likewise, Wolverine and Sabertooth beating Deadpool and killing him.

Stryker is shooting an adamantium bullet to Logan’s head to knocks him and erases some memories.

X-Men 2000

Wolverine runs away and moving from city to city with no real sense of who he is Or his purpose in the world.

Now towards the late 80s, Charles and Erik are out in the world together looking for mutants to recruit for Charles school.

They find a young telepathic mutant called Jean Grey and take her in despite the immense dangerous power that she could potentially harbor.

However, over the next 15 years Charles and Erik have another falling out.

So while Charles is running his school quite successfully and besides Erik is forming his evil brotherhood of mutants. He even recruits Sabertooth.

Now the government wants to introduce a registration act for all mutants to register with the government.

While all this is going down, a girl called Marie, also known as Rogue runs away from home after her mutation starts to develop and she is freaking out about it.

On her travels she finds Wolverine while cage fighting and Also she hitches a ride with him and they almost kind of start to bond.

However, Magneto needs Rogue for his big plan and so he sends Sabertooth out to capture her.

Sabertooth and Wolverine have a bit of a fight once again but Scott, Cyclops, and Storm saving him.

Taking Wolverine and Rogue back to Xavier’s school where Charles fills him in on all this stuff.

as well as Magneto’s plan is coming to a head at the Statue of Liberty and Also The X-Men arrive able to stop him.

In the process saving Rogue and putting Magneto in a plastic prison cell.

X2: X-Men United (2003)

After all these adventures, Wolverine, who’s still got those memories lost in his brain from that adamantium headshot is starting to have nightmares about his past and so asks Charles to help him remember his past.

Charles sends him off to the Weapon X facility at Alkali Lake where Stryker initially gave him the adamantium and turned him into what he is today.

Wolverine checks it out but doesn’t find much except for an abandoned dam.

Meanwhile, William Stryker still has a huge vendetta against mutants and gets the location of Charles school and the inner workings of the Cerebro machine by interrogating Magneto in prison.

He wants to conduct a raid on the school which can lead him to Cerebro which through more evil planning can lead to him killing every mutant on the planet and Also he concocts another one of his devilish Stryker plans when he forces a teleporting mutant called Nightcrawler to attempt to kill the President of the United States for mutant freedom and rights.

while Storm and Jean Grey find Nightcrawler to recruit him to their team and Charles go to visit Magneto in prison where Charles is kidnapped.

Magneto they realize that Stryker’s secret base is actually underneath Alkali Lake.

Overall the last one save to Charles mission, Stryker is chained to the dam at Alkali Lake which then bursts killing him while the x-Men fly away.

However, the Plane isn’t in tip-top condition and can’t make it properly all the way so to save the team Jean uses her powers to hold off the flood for just enough time for the plane to get away.

after Jean is die.

X-Men: Last Stand

A few months pass and life somewhat continue as normal but the X team misses the loss of Jean.

Wolverine is now teaching a bit Charle’s school and Hank McCoy is politic seat himself.

However, Jean comes back to life to the evil Dark Pheonix force inside her and after a few pleasantries she kills Cyclops.

Storm and Wolverine come and are very suprises to see Jean alive they take her back to the school to see what’s happened to her.

Charles discovers that the Phoenix force inside of her has basically unlimited power and is getting out of control.

Now back at the mansion, Jean wakes up with Wolverine and Jean escapes from the mansion.

Magneto find out the Jean and use the unlimited power for his fight against the cure.

The main story

The next Magneto leads an epic charge on the facility on Alcatraz Island where the kid with the power to cure mutation and the military, X-Men have a big fight there.

The X-Men eventually kind of win and get the kid out of there before Magneto can kill him and Beast injects Magneto with the cure.

Besides the Phoenix force has now fully taken over Jean and she is unleashing totally power is out of control.

Wolverine climb up to her and finally kill to Jean to end it all.

The Wolverine

Now Wolverine decides to retire from X-Manning and go live in the Canadian wild with his guilt over killing Jean Grey.

However, it’s not too long until Yashida the guy he saves in World War II and Yashida sends his assistant Yukio to go get Wolverine so he can thank him for saving his life But really he wants Wolverine to come so he can take his healing factor so he doesn’t have to die.

Wolverine flies out to Japan and declines giving up his healing factor to Yashida.

After the next day Yashida fakes his own death and goes into hiding in building a giant Samurai suit to fight and live in.

During the night, Yashida send Viper to puts Matrix spider bot inside Wolverine that slows down his healing factor considerably and discovery he is not healing.

Wolverine starts basically becoming the bodyguard for Mariko and kind of start to fall in love a little bit.

However, Mariko gets kidnapped and now Wolverine and Yukio are out to find her.

They end up back at Yashida’s home where Wolverine finds the parasite in his chest and very gruesomely removes it while Yukio defends him from a ninja bad guy.

Wolverine gets his healing factor back and saves the day.

They then manage to trace Mariko to this giant Yashida facility but on the way Wolverine has another battle and this time he loses.

Yashida in the silver suit takes Wolverine prisoner but with a little help from Mariko and this archer guy he’s able to fight back.

Yashida eventually ends up with the high ground and extracts the adamantium from Wolverine’s body.

Wolverine is able to get back up however and kills Yashida with one final one-liner.

Wolverine says goodbye to Mariko and leaves Japan with Yukio.

X-Men: Days Of Future

Now after all these adventures, Wolverine is going around the world and finding someplace to chill out.

He heads to an airport when to his disbelief Charles and Erik show up also both alive to recruit him back and get him to fight with them against the Sentinels.

At some point here Magneto also helps to recoat Wolverine’s skeleton with adamantium.

In the few years that follow this the Sentinels go fully operational and start slaughtering mutants they kill some people who might one day have mutant children.

Kitty Pryde is able to send someone back in time to 1973 to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask in the first place.

So, Wolverine goes back to 1973 and meets up with a younger Charles Xavier and younger Hank McCoy to explains to them that they have to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask and whole Sentinel thing from starting.

The help with the previous acquaintance of Wolverine, Quicksilver they manage to break out Erik from the Pentagon and they go on their way to find Mystique.

Although there are some bumps alone the way and they do manage to stop Mystique from killing Trask.

However, due to a little bullet that Erik just couldn’t not fire, Trask still has Mystique’s blood and so the Sentinel program is continued.

After realizing that Mystique is going to Washington D.C. to try kill Trask again at the big Sentinel unveiling by the White House, Charles, Logan, and Hank head over there.

Magneto also comes along brings a stadium with him and turns the Sentinels on the President.

In the fight Erik prepares to kill President Nixon and all his men.

However, Mystique stop to Erik just in time and decides in the end to not kill Trask.

X-Men: Apocalypse

After all this mutants are accepted into society for the most part and things are going pretty swimmingly for the X-Men for about 10 years.

New mutants including Jean Grey and Jubilee join the school.

then in 1983, while doing some investigation into mutant cult worshipers Moira and she witnesses a group of people attempting to awakening that original mutant Apocalypse from his slumber.

Now the awakening of Apocalypse sends shock waves around the world and literally in a way this leads to Erik getting exposed as Magneto.

Apocalypse starts gathering his four horsemen for the modern times and he puts together a crack team of young Storm, Psylocke, young Angel, and Magneto.

Now Apocalypse wants to transfer his consciousness into Charles so he can have ultimate power.

Last movie scene.

Storm, Magneto and Jean Grey using the Phoenix firepower to defeat Apocalypse.

Together with helping Xavier’s school is rebuilt and instead starts teaching a few students how to fight and how to manage their powers.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

after Professor, recruited Jean Grey to the school and Also Xavier forcing to put mental blocks in her mind to shield to Jean’s previous unhappy past.

however, saving a space shuttle rescue a solar flare hits Jean and she is Phoenix’s power absorbed into his body.

the whole movie depends on Phoenix’s power how Jean consists of Ultimate power and defect aliens team.

that is the X-Men movies in Chronological Order is second way of timeline.


In Logan, the events of Logan happen in 2029 and Also New mutant not born in the last 25 years.

until Dr. Rice of the Transigen Corporation makes a virus to wipe out mutants and they can develop their own mutants to use as weapons.

Also, Wolverine killed Dr. Rice’s dad.

Dr.Rice start growing their own mutant children using the DNA from other mutants including the DNA they took from the Weapon X program back in the 80s.

Around this time as well as Charles brain starts deterioration and he starts having very dangerous seizures one in particular in Westchester in around 2023 that kills a lot of people and several mutants.

Wolverine becomes starts driving around pretty much whoever will pay him and he gets another mutant called Caliban to help him care for a slowly dying Charles on the Mexican border.

However, the Transigen Corporation start developing other weapons including X-24 a direct clone of Wolverine and these new weapons are so effective that they decide the child mutants are no longer useful.

All adventure in the movie.

last scene of movie, fighting between Clone Wolverine and original Wolverine.

as well as Logan is die and the new young mutants runoff to safety with Laura to Canada.

So that was the X-Men movies in Chronological order and Let me know all of your thoughts down below in the comments.