Wonder Woman 1984 DC Upcoming movie 2020


Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel to wonder woman 2017 and also other words second part of this movie.

the movie is the ninth installment in DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The movie is Directed by Patty Jenkins and Also Produced by Charles Roven’s team.

The Wonder Woman 1984 trailer officially out we finally got out best look at her Legendary golden eagle armor.


Wonder Woman 1984 Cast

  • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince is a Wonder woman warrior and Also Hippolyta’s daughter.
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is an American pilot and Diana’s lover.
  • Kristen Wiig as Barbara Cheetah is friends of Diana and Also the ability of cheetah.
  • Pedro Pascal as Maxwell is a businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Robin Wright as Antiope is the Amazon army general and Also aunt of Diana’s.
  • Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta is the Themyscira’s queen and also a mother of Diana’s.

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot & Trailer Explain

the movie story starting with Gal Gadot and actress Kristen who plays cheetah character that you see in the teaser trailer for WW84.

In the trailer it does seem like the two of them become pretty good friends pretty well but actually a Wonder Woman villain cheetah not going to be the main villain of WW84.

Pedro Pascal is actually playing Max lord character and He’s going to be the true villain of Wonder Woman 1984.

In This trailer Wonder Woman is saving an old woman from being knock over we visit a typical American mall where a couple of gunman are creating a distraction while their fellow criminals are in the back trying to get their hands on same priceless artifacts the hero then arrives saves the little girl.

She does indeed destroy the security cameras in order to hide her identity from the world.

This is suddenly gone Maxwell Lord meets both Barbara and Diana he invites to a party.

the whole movie depends on the ancient stone and from behind her back while Diana goes to the party.

the villain knows exactly what the artifact is and wishes to gain the powers of the stone itself.

Barbara is wished for it turns out to be as strong becoming imbued with a cheetah-like appearance and Also abilities.

the villain creates a broadcast system for people at the same time for a huge amount of grant wishes.

everything from Wonder Woman and Steve stops to Maxwell Lord.

the Kristin Wiggs character Barbara turns into Cheetah truly happens in Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 How Is Steve Alive?

The upcoming film is offering up a few things on are below.

  1. Steve’s return on top of because the DCEU is no limit to its impressive scientific technology to consider this is Steve’s clone. in case, possible clone to use his copy as a way to get closer to Wonder Woman.
  2. The franchise is uncommon to encounter magic between the Greek gods the Amazons and the mystical artifacts.
  3. Maxwell Load artifact will transform Barbara into Cheetah and Load will need to enlist Wonder Woman to defeat her in exchange for taking on the super villain Wonder Woman will then ask Lord to bring her love.

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date

Wonder Woman 1984 is a release date to the COVID 19 in all movie delays and postponed.

Warner Bros scheduled to release the movie in the cinema on August 14, 2020.