What is the best order to watch the Rocky and Creed movies in order?

the Rocky movies in order

If you’re a fan of sports cinematic debut, then there is no better franchise for you than the Rocky series. All the Rocky movies featuring the famous Rocky Balboa, it shows conviction to be the top boxer in the world. These films take you on to the journey of an American boxer told real rags to riches story and how it become a great boxer in the world.

The Rocky movie’s journey starting with his first movie Rocky in 1976. Starring Sylvester Stallone, it starts with Rocky, a small-time club fighter, and its dream to win the world heavyweight championship. The whole movie story followed the journey of Rocky Balboa, his friends, and his family. That inspiration story continued to its viewers and make the big blockbuster Saga ever.

If you do not watch any movie of the Rocky series, I specially recommended the right way of viewing the Rocky movies in order. From the first movie in 1976 to the last in 2006, dedicated fans of all generations have to enjoy his story. If you watch it’s chronologically, you should watch the first one and you can safely watch whichever you want another movie to watch.

The Rocky Series in order

Should you want to watch the Rocky series in order, then you need the way through following by its release years.

1.) Rocky (1976)

2.) Rocky II (1979)

3.) Rocky III (1982)

4.) Rocky IV (1985)

5.) Rocky V (1990)

6.) Rocky Balboa (2006)

7.) Creed (2015)

8.) Creed II (2018)

If you’re interesting to watch the Creed movies, before you watch the last Rocky Balboa (2006). Then you go with Creed series.

The Rocky movies go on along with its massive box office success, the makers of the Rocky have earned themselves numerous awards and had great success among both critics and fans. Both of the current Rocky movies earned themselves a 7.1 out of 10 fan rating on IMDB. Both films received good critic scores on Rotten Tomatoes with 77% and 76% respectively. Also, another sub sequel movie Creed fan scoring on Rotten Tomatoes was similar to the IMDB ranking with 95% and 89%.

Whether you’re a fan of real story-based movies, the Rocky movies in order have something for you. No matter if you’re just watching the Creed movies, watching the entire series, or just casually watching a single movie in the series, critics and fans agree that Rocky has something for everyone. If you’re just entering the franchise then buckle up, this latest release in 2018 is sure to be the best one yet.