The Invisible Man 2020 Horror Movie


The Invisible Man is a classic Horror movie inspiring by science fiction.

The first of new movie written and directed by Leigh Whannell Also one of the Co-creators of SAW.

Also the previous Hollow man to inspiring The invisible man.

the very under rates of science fiction body horror revenge movie upgrade.

the invisible man 2020 horror movie

The Invisible Man Movie Cast

  • Elisabeth Moss as Cecilla Kass is James’s childhood friend
  • Oliver Jackson as Adrian Griffin is Tom’s sister
  • Aldis Hodge as James Lanier is the San Francisco police, detective
  • Storm Reid as Sydney Lanier is James’ teenage daughter
  • Harriet Dyer as Emily Kass is Cee’s sister
  • Michael Dorman as Tom Griffin is a lawyer and also Adrian’s brother
  • Benedict Hardie as Marc
  • Amali Golden as Annie
  • Sam Smith as Detective Reckley
  • Nash Edgerton as a Security Guard
  • Zara Michaels as A Nurse
  • Vivienne Greer as Screaming Woman
  • Anthony Brandon Wong as Accident Victim

The Invisible Man Movie Story

The movie story starting with main character Cecilia Kass a woman so emotionally and physically abused by her millionaire Tech boyfriend Adrian that she decides to leave him in the middle of the night.

He is so controlling that the first shot we see of her is with his arm physically around her waist in order to make her escape she has to resort to drugging him and Also she has delete the security cameras and climb over a giant concrete wall.

Which surrounds his estate her escape isn’t as smooth as she planned when her dog Zeus bumps into Adrian’s car setting off the alarms and just as she’s about to make her get away with the help of her sister Emily.

Adrian smashes through the car window but isn’t able to stop them and Besides Cecilia she drops the pill bottle something that will come to haunt her later on.

The next two weeks Cecilia lives in total fear shacking up with her cop friend James and too scared to venture out beyond the front yard although free she is still imprisoned by the thought of him it isn’t until she receives a mysterious letter from Adrian’s brother informing her of his suicide that things start to finally look up and not only that he’s entrusted her with $100,000 a month for next four years as a beneficiary of his will but here’s where things start to get a little weird over the course of the next few days Cecilia experiences some odd occurrences such as the fire during breakfast and the footprints on the sheet.

The Invisible Man Ending Explain

Cecilia goes back to Adrian’s brother Tom the same one who disclosed the info about the will and she tells him that Adrian isn’t dead he’s invisible but they just kind of look at her like she’s crazy and Tom tells her that Adrian’s strength was able to find people’s true weakness to get into their heads.

The Invisible man begins to exploit the first act using Cecilia’s email to send a vicious letter to her sister wishing her dead and the second by punching James’s daughter Sydney.

In a hospital, Cecilia fighting an invisible man and hitting someone the hits feel like they’re actually landing manages to escape and calls a lift someplace very far away from Adrian’s home to took for proof that she’s not crazy.

In the basement, she finds Adriana’s lab he is the founder of a company name optics specializes in optical Tech and Cecilia finds the suit that allows him to be invisible.

Cecilia takes the suit to the hidden compartment Also call the police when James arrives and asks what happened.

The room’s camera captures every moment of Adrian seemingly committing suicide and James accepts her story to allows to leave.