The Best Way To Watch Bad Boys Movies In Order

Bad Boys movies in order
Bad Boys movies in order
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The Bad Boys movies in order is one of the most popular action-comedy films ever made. Rivaled by the Rush Hour series, and Midnight Run, Bad Boys is the 2nd highest-grossing film of 2020. It is also both the highest-grossing and most well-received installment of the series and the biggest January release of all time. Fans of the Bad Boys movie series can finally breathe a sigh of release as Sony has officially announced plans for a Bad boys 4 with Chris Bremner returning to write the script. Currently not much is known about these new movies, but it’s will going well with the critic’s response. However, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have been confirmed as lead roles and Also Derrick Gilbert, Ryan Castle, Lex Elle, George Gallo are excited to be working on the new project.

If you’re the biggest fans of Bad Boys movies if you’re watching again in order. it does not matter to watch the Bad Boys series in order, But it matters how you can love this series. Each movie is completely independent of the other, and while they may share similar characters, they do not share a storyline. You may understand a few inside jokes in Bad Boys 4 by watching them in order, but overall if you haven’t seen the first three, feel to watch the latest in theaters when it comes out.

Bad Boys Movies In Order To Watch List

all Bad Boys movies is not contain storyline continue. So, watch the Bad Boys movies in order to its release date and enjoy all funny moment.

1.) Bad Boys (1995)

2.) Bad Boys (2003)

3.) Bad Boys For Life (2020)

4.) Bad Boys 4 Upcoming

During the third movie, it was clear that Smith and Lawrence worked great together. Both actors are funny and when put together they synergize perfectly. The third movie in the popular franchise it was sparked by Michael Bay’s 1995 action smash continues the story of two Miami cops who will go to any lengths to get things done and it’s completely bad insane. Unsatisfied with the original script, Michael Bay allowed them to improvise in many of the funniest scenes including the clerk who is holding a gun to them. Their fake arguments to distract would be criminals because a trademark of the two, and the style would live in through put in last movie.

Due to the increased success of the last installment in this series, each of the films was wildly successful. The original Bad Boys movie grossed over $140 million in worldwide sales, while the sequel pulled during a whopping $273 million. Critics did not feel good about the Bad Boys series as fans did, But Bad Boys for Life has some of the highest fan approval compared to any other movies before it. With 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.6 on IMDb, this movie has been huge with fans all over the world. In keeping with the part of this successful franchise, For Life has already grossed $426 million as of January 17th making it the most profitable Bad Boys movie to date.

Do to the recent success of the latest movie in this series, it’s clear that Bad Boys is here to stay. And this action packed thriller is rapidly growing in popularity.