The Babadook Movie – Horror Ever Time


The Babadook is the best horror movie. Also, The Babadook which has written and directed by Jennifer Kent.

The Babadook

Movie Story

The movie story starts with Samuel is Six-year-old kids and her mother Amelia. Also, her father was die which was a car crash that took away.

Sam seeing father’s death Also being erratic behavior like sleeplessness and rapt in mind talking with an imaginary monster.

The story was begainning,

Samuel is frequent dreams about a monster that was coming to kill them both Emilia begins lose her patience and capacity to care of him.

The arrival of a disturbing book named Mr. burdock at their home convinces Samuel that the creature in the book and he’s been dreaming the book monster.

Before Her hallucinations spiral further out of control he becomes more unpredictable even violent causing.

it’s important to note that conflicting emotions and repressed feelings of what created the Bubba took itself as well as a doorway through which it would enter their lives.

Amelia becomes frightened of her son and sees glimpses of the sinister presence depicted in the book around their home.

she begins to realize that his hallucinations may have been based in reality.

Following their nightly routine of Amelia checking under his bed and within his closet for monsters.

she led Sam to pick a book for her to read to him reaching into the shelf the boy pulls out a story called Mr. papadum that appeared to have come out of nowhere but after going through a few pages of the disturbing book.

which started that they were going to wish that they dead after seeing him in their room.

night Amelia closed the book in shock ass and began to scream in fear this only intensifies Sam’s fears.

He begins to hear what he thought was the Babadook within his room causing him to run to his mother and beg to stay with her.

Now Emilia flicks through more of the pages later in the evening trying to find out more information and discovers that.

the story was unfinished appearing to have no author or publishing details on the front Or back.

Amelia knew that this book would make all this happen.

The Babadook Ending Explain

Amelia know an imaginary visualization of Sam’s exhaustion and mental illness.

Amelia and Samuel eventually manage to defeat the Babadook by banishing it to the cellar.

At this point, Amelia seems more energetic and awake than we’ve ever seen her.

which is still living in the cellar and Amelia takes the worms down to the Babadook

It nearly attacks her, but she manages to calm it down.

Although she’s shaken when she returns to Samuel in the backyard and it’s a far cry from her earlier experiences with the monster.

Just as the book repeated so insistently but it turns out that you can live with it.

Amelia still in the basement and it’s very dangerous a thing that can live with now that stopped denying it.

The end of the movie sees Amelia acknowledging the Babadook as a permanent presence in her and Samuel’s lives.