Rambo Movies In Order Worst To Best


Rambo Movies in Order, Watch the Rambo franchise movie series in chronological order and ranked in order too. The king of biceps, bullets, and bandanas is returning to the big screen in Rambo’s last blood needs a refresher on the life and times of Vietnam John J Rambo. Here’s the Rambo saga in ranked to release.


All ‘Rambo’ Movies Ranked Worst to Best

Many people say, how many Rambo movies are there and also watch all movies in chronological order too. Five movie lists are there.

1.) First Blood (1982)

we first met Rambo hunting for an old comrade named Elmore Barry but his enthusiasm is dashed when he learns Delmore got himself killed and rambles on and wanders into a jerkwater town called hope looking for a place to eat when he’s spotted by the local sheriff will teasel gives a ride but it turns out he’s just trying to run Rambo out of town dumped outside town limits Rambo defiantly begins to walk back into hope so teasel arrests him for vagrancy resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon Rambo is treated cruelly by sadistic deputy art Galt triggering painful flashbacks to his time as POWs in Vietnam. Rambo lashes out and escapes fleeing into the mountains with the cops close behind got attempts to kill Rambo from a helicopter. but he Hills a rock at it causing the pilot to flinch and got to lose his balance and fall to his death Rambo tries to explain it wasn’t his fault but the cops keep chasing him despite learning of rainbows combat history Rambo makes the cops one by one before confronting sizzle telling him it could have killed them all teasel included don’t push it I’ll give you to leave as the State Police and the National Guard joined the manhunt Ranbir’s former commanding officer Colonel Trautman shows up to assist Troutman contacts by radio but Rambo refuses to surrender blaming events on his abuse while in custody and reiterating that they drew first blood. Rambo was cornered in a mineshaft by his squad of weekend warriors from the National Guard but he escapes comedy as a truck and heads back to Hogue blowing up a gas station and assaulting the sheriff’s office Grabow gets the better of teasel but Troutman demands he let him live telling Rambo he’s surrounded and the mission is over.

2.) Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)

Rambo breaks down overcome with grief over the friends he lost and his inability of a cope of civilian life he surrenders and is taken into custody rev o has been in prison for his actions but Troutman secures his release in order forever to assist in performing recon for American POWs who may still be held in Vietnam in Thailand Rambo meets Murdock a sweaty CIA official who dispatches Rambo into the jungle together conclusive proof that Americans are being held but wants him that under no circumstances is he to engage the enemy.

Rambo stocks up on gear but almost instantly lose it all in a botched drop savories knife and bow he meets his contact co and moves upriver where he finds the prison camp which he discovers does still contain POWs after freeing one against orders and killing several guards Rambo Co and the pair W head back to the extraction point but Murdock orders the chopper to abort leaving Rambo in the pow2 be captured Troutman confronts Murdock who reveals there is never any plan to save POWs and then he was going to sweep it all under a rug for political reasons Rambo and the power returned to the camp where Rambo was tortured and interrogated by a newly arrived Russian officer called Podolski Rambo appears to relent to Birddog his order for Rambo to radio his base and relay scripted Russian demands but he uses the opportunity to threaten Murdock instead on the communicate you Rambo fights back in this case with the help of Co who has snuck into the base to save him.

unfortunately, Co is tragically killed soon after they get away so Rambo gets rowdy hunting and slaughtering a large number of the troops on his tail including the prison camp commander who shot coke rest in pieces mate rev Oh common dere’s a Russian helicopter blast the hell out of POWs camp and proceeds to extract the POWs Petoskey pursues and appears to have shot down rainbows chopper but it’s just a ruse and Rambo blasts, Podolski, out of the sky grab it returns to base with the POWs strides into the command center and destroys it Murdoch tells Rambo he didn’t know it was supposed to happen like this knowing that Murdoch knows where more POWs are Rambo spares Murdoch with an ultimatum he then walks off opting to remain in Thailand instead of returning to the US.

3.) Rambo III (1988)

later while still living as a stick fighter in Thailand Troutman asked Rambo to join him on a mission to take care of a brutal Soviet commander who’s been murdering scores of Afghani civilians Rambo declines Lowe voiceover so Troutman proceeds without him getting captured by the Russians Rambo is subsequently informed of Troutman’s capture and volunteers to go in and rescue him. it railroads links up with the rebels in the area but the village is attacked by the evil Colonel Zaisan who has been committing atrocities against civilians and torturing Troutman Rambo manages to shoot down one chopper but the rebels suffer many casualties Rambo sneaks into the Russian fort but is forced to be the temporary retreat when one of his allies is wounded he successfully frees Troutman on his second attempt and escapes in a stolen chopper but it’s damaged and crashes rainbow and Troutman head towards the border taking out another chopper and more obsessions been in the process as Rambo and Troutman make their final stand against Ison in his troops the rebels return to even the odds Rambo then hijacks a tank and crashes it is a since bizarrely low-flying helicopter proving for the third film in a row if you’re gonna try and kill Rambo getting into a helicopter is a terrible idea.

4.) Rambo (2008)

20 years later, Rambo is still living in Thailand and he’s asked by some Colorado missionaries to take them into Burma to bring aid to the current people who are being systematically wiped out by the military Rambo takes them in but the village he dropped them at is attacked the civilians are massacred by the merciless major tended his men and the surviving missionaries are captured Rambo was asked to take a team of mercenaries into Burma to mount a rescue the Merkel leader refuses Rambo’s help but Rambo follows them without their knowledge wiping out a squad of tense men and convincing the reluctant rescue team to continue their mission Rambo when the Mercs rescued the surviving missionaries from 10th space and Rambo leads a large number of tents men into a trap wiping them out by booby-trapping a large unexploded bomb.

however, everyone except for Rambo the murk sniper and a single missionary is ultimately still captured by 10th all looks lost as Tim prepares to have them executed nothing we can do I wouldn’t say nothing rebus seizes a heavy machine-gun and begins to shred tense mental mincemeat with the mercenaries fighting back and the Karen rebels join his battle tents men are totally overwhelmed the cowardly tent tries to escape on foot but Rambo relaxes his rule about only killing his nemesis when they’re in helicopters and disembowels tent with his machete after the battle.

Rambo finally returns to his father’s ranch in the US however ten years later the time has come from two phases passed in Rambo: last blood.

5.) Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

Sylvester Stalone hopes to put an exclamation mark at the end of the five-film series that is John Rambo’s story last Blood follows Rambo struggles to get his niece Gabrielle back from a Mexican cartel after they abduct lost her sister for a human trafficking machine.

Rambo’s blood relatives have all died since he returned to America but he does have a chosen family his niece Gabrielle and her grandmother Maria who looks after the Rambo family estate and takes care of Gabrielle the tragic loss of Gabrielle to a cartel has driven drug overdose is the emotional linchpin of las blood and drives Rambo to action before that happens though Maria leaves her Rambo family runs behind taking her memories of Gabrielle with her so what happens to Maria it seems likely that she’s a last living person in Rambo would leave any kind of inheritance to which would place her at the center of his story as the public learns of his war at the cartel but it’s unclear whether she’ll choose to return rumble as blood is a human story about a man who feels there’s nothing he can do but fight something half of this traumatic he’s pushed but it’s also a story in which a couple of dozen members of a Mexican cartel come to Arizona with assault rifles to kill a guy who just happened to have enough firepower to bring them all down and blow up half his property.