Pirates Of The Caribbean Chronological Order


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is hitting theaters and most popular in the world and main things are the Pirates of the Caribbean Chronological order. Awsome right

If you are like me a lot of movies start together and watch the whole series till to the end.

Today I will be taking you to sea ride with this movie and Also I will show you the movie story with the best experience.

The story follows the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow as Johnny Depp, Will Turner as Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth Swann as Keira Knightley.

The films take place in a fictionalized historical world ruled by The British Empire, The East India Trading Company and also The Spanish Empire.

This World ruled with pirates representing freedom from the ruling powers.

So this is the interesting things about the movie. Let gets start

pirates of the caribbean chronological order

Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies In Chronological Order

The movies list are below.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

The movie story starting with a young Elizabeth Swann finding a boy floating at sea and the boy’s name Well Turner. Also Elizabeth steals a gold pirate medallion from the boy.

thereafter, Captain Jack Sparrow is a commander of these ships raid pillage plunder and otherwise bill from all Weasley black contests Elizabeth is kidnapped and taken to gnarly pirate captain Barbosa.

Interesting things are The Barbosa reveals the crew stole cursed Aztec gold bestowed for these ghost stories turn one in order to with the curse.

Barbosa needs to return all the gold along with the blood of everyone who stole it and Elizabeth has the last coin that will teams up with Jack to save Elizabeth.

Jack goes to recruit his old crew including Zoe Saldana to a revenge against Barbosa for staging a mutiny and taking a ship the Black Pearl.

Barbosa tries to break the curse but discovers it’s Will’s blood that he actually needs the black pearls to chase after wills and there’s a big sea battle with canons, sword fighting and swinging from boat to boat on ropes.

However last movie scene, classic pirate shenanigans Barbosa grabs the gold piece and Jack’s crew double-crosses everyone and escapes with the Black Pearls. Jack steals a gold coin so he shoots Barbosa right as will cuts his hands and drops the last pieces in the chest lifting the curse.

Last one, Elizabeth declares her love for will and besides Jack sails away on the Black Pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Dead Man’s Chest, it’s Will and Elizabeth’s wedding day they are promptly arrested by Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India trading company because they set Captain Jack free at the end of the last movie that gets agrees to let Will and Elizabeth go if Will tracks down Jack Sparrow and retrieves his weird magic compass back on the Black Pearl.

Will tracks Jack to an island full of cannibals and everybody kind of runs around for half an hour until they escape. Jack agrees to give Will his compass if Will help them to find a key.

After they go to meet a voodoo priestess named Tia Dalma who explains that the key unlocks a chest containing Davy Jones’s hearts which he cut out after a failed love affair.

Jack meets up with Davy Jones who agrees to release him from his debt if he signs up 100 souls to take his place on the crew including Will shocking no one Jack sells his friends out immediately. So now Will is on the flying dutchman.

However, Jack is in Tortuga when he meets Elizabeth to tells Will is on the flying dutchman and the best way to save him is to get the chest with Davy Jones’s heart controls his actions in order to find him he has given her his compass which points toward whatever its holder wants most is to save Will.

After Jack, Elizabeth and Will team up with defeat in battle to Davy Jones.

last movie scene, Elizabeth and Will end up back at Tia mourning the loss of Captain Jack and the Pearl Tia says there is a way to get him back but they must travel to the World’s End.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

Elizabeth and Barbosa go to Singapore to request a ship and a crew from thanks the pirate rule to Singapore unfortunately Will gets caught stealing navigational charts to find Davy Jones’s locker.

the land of the dead Barbosa flips to McCoy and demands that as one of the nine pirate Lords he honors a call to convene the United Nations of pirates called the Brethren Court they need to figure out a way to stop Beckett and the evil East India Trading Company.

Elizabeth, Will and Barbosa they set sail with the maps to Davy Jones locker.

However, one movie scene in Jack Sparrow’s they shoot each other stab each other one of them acts like a chicken but some reason the rocks all turn into crabs and carry the ship away someone approved all of this Barbosa and the crew wash up on the beach and find Jack. Jack as set sail for the real world.

After Jack’s back, Elizabeth is handed over to South Fang, and the Black Pearl heads to Pirates Cove to convince the pirate Lords to release conniption a powerful sea goddess who’s been trapped in human form.

Maybe, Will and Elizabeth marries them in the middle of the battle.

However, Jacks helps Will to stab Jones’s heart killing Davy Jones but saving Will. finally, Will kills Davy jones and he is a Captain of Dutchman

Jack and Elizabeth escaped to the Pearl and the Dutchman reappears under Will’s command and saved the day everyone.

Will give her his heart to Elizabeth

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

Pirates of the Caribbean Chronological order a holiday show and that takes us to the fourth film of the franchise on Stranger Tides follows Jack and Barbosa as they come together to find the Fountain of Youth.

After jack is abandoned by Barbosa once again as he takes the black Pearls to search for the Fountain of Youth only to find that the map has been taken by Jack sparrow.

However, the king of England to help with Jack find the Fountain of Youth before the Spanish do jack is reuniting with Barbosa.

as well as Jack teams up with his former fling Angelica and sets off to find the Fountain of Youth with Barbosa in hot pursuit turns out that Angelica is the first mate of the Queen.

the Queen Anne’s Revenge captained by Blackbeard.

one night Jack dances with Angelica and gets her to tell him the ritual for the fountain and that the years you gain from it.

Elias McMahon Angelica also shows Blackbeard’s collection of ships in bottles of real ships to Jack that he is miniature sea power with including the Black Pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The movie starts with the end of At World’s End after thirteen years joining the new character Henry Turner as Will Turner’s son and Also Carina Smyth as Barbosa’s daughter.

After Henry finds out decade is broke with the Trident of Poseidon and he intends to recruit Captain Jack Sparrow to help to find her father.

Henry tell all things to Will but Will believes this is impossible and he is disappear into sea.

Carina is a young astronomer and horologist. so Carina learns Henry is looking for the Trident’s location and offers to help him using her unknown father’s diary.