Superman movies in order

Superman Movies In Order with Timeline

Superman movies in order. In 1938, The Superman character first time in appearing in a DC Comics publications of a superhero and...
Gretel and Hansel 2020 horror movie

Gretel And Hansel 2020 Horror movie

Gretel And Hansel is the first great horror movie ever in 2020. The movie is Directed by Oz Perking and Produced by...
the invisible man 2020 horror movie

The Invisible Man 2020 Horror Movie

The Invisible Man is a classic Horror movie inspiring by science fiction. The first of new movie written and...

The Babadook Movie – Horror Ever Time

The Babadook is the best horror movie. Also, The Babadook which has written and directed by Jennifer Kent.
the scary movie of all time you watch and enjoy

The Scary Movie Of All Time You Watch and Enjoy

Welcome to another blog I will be showing The Scary Movie franchise from worst to best. Keenan Ivory directing...
The Purge movies in order

What are all The Purge movies in order and watch it’s chronologically?

Image: Universal Pictures/alphacoders The Purge movies in order is not a heaven story. These action thriller packed films...

Spiral: From The Book Of Saw 2020 Horror Movie

Spiral: From The Book Of Saw, The Saw franchise may be famous for its intricate deathtraps. The movie is...
Final Destination movies in order

Final Destination Movies In Order

Image: Warner Bros. Picture/New Line Picture If you're a fan of horror movies in order, then there is...
Alien movies in order

Alien Movies in Order Ranked From Worst To Best

Image Credited: All Alien movies in order are probably one of the most recognizable science fiction series...
Jaws movies in order

What are the best Jaws movies in order?

Image: @Universal Pictures Jaws movies is a classic monster movie that has been winning over hearts and minds...