Gretel And Hansel 2020 Horror movie


Gretel And Hansel is the first great horror movie ever in 2020. The movie is Directed by Oz Perking and Produced by Fred Berger.

Gretel and Hansel 2020 horror movie

Gretel And Hansel Movie Story

The Movie story start’s with the one small village and inside a small illness child.

The witch Halda initially good woman but she came to evil an enchantress who removes the illness from her daughter.

The illness replaces with darkness the form of a magical gift now her daughter Also becomes healthy.

she uses her magical abilities to kill her father because she sent off to the woods to live alone.

The memory of the child stays in all his mind promises to share her power with trust in the darkness.

Alda crosses to the dark side becomes a witch eats her own children to become more powerful.

An old lady in order to look more friendly.

She can lure more kids can eat Hansel they are kicked out of their own home by their mother.

While they are out looking for food for work.

they come across the witch Hall does cabin she invites the man to eat.

she starts teaching Gretel how to tap into her powers to become a witch.

Gretel eventually uses her powers to take down the witch Honda to save her brother and her plan is to use all those books to become more powerful.

she uses her powers to free the souls of the kids that were killed by Handa.

Maybe, her fingers turned black to the darkness with dinner was taking over.

Witch Explain

A witch is a person casting a spell on them to gain control over using magic.

The Witch power

  • mentally control the motion of any object.
  • explosions of any molecular level even containing objects.
  • read the minds of many people.
  • Hypnosis- capable of eliciting fear and Also emotion pain.