What are the Dirty Harry movies in order?

Dirty Harry movies in order
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In 1971, Dirty Harry movie its way into cinemas. The movie tells the story of The San Francisco Police Department Homicide Division Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan, who is notorious for his unorthodox, violent, and ruthless methods against the criminals and killers he is assigned to apprehend. With the popularity of critics and fans, the movie was a big hit in the US and led to a series of sequels.

Dirty Harry is a fictional Inspector in movies which was originally written by Harry Julian Fink, R.M Fink, and Dean Riesner in the first movie. In the early 1980s, Warner Books published twelve books – authored under the Dane Hartman – that further the adventures of Dirty Harry.

But, what is the best order of Dirty Harry movies?

In this post, I provide all information about Dirty Harry movies in order and some interesting points about movies. Let’s get started!

Dirty Harry movies in order

Dirty Harry movies in order
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To date, there are five Dirty Harry movies. Dirty Harry movies – which were produced between 1971 to 1988 – include:

1. Dirty Harry (1971)

2. Magnum Force (1973)

3. The Enforcer (1976)

4. Sudden Impact (1983)

5. The Dead Pool (1988)

Unlike most stories, it’s not that important to watch the Dirty Harry movies in order. Each book and movie is its own separate story, with its own plot development. There are common character in each movie which do develop over the entire series.

However, there’s no important information in the earlier movies that acts as a prerequisite for the later films. I personally would still recommend them to be watched in chronological order simply because Dirty Harry as a character will develop over time, and you grow familiar with his antics.

Many movies that were originally based on novels follow the same order. However, the Dirty Harry series is in a totally separate order from the books, and there are even some new additions. In fact, the written series starts with a completely different story than the film does.

Who is the best Dirty Harry movie?

Dirty Harry movies in order
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According to IMDb, these movies are ranked from best to last-best is as follows:

1. Dirty Harry (1971) – 7.7/10

2. Magnum Force (1973) – 7.2/10

3. The Enforcer (1976) – 6.8/10

4. Sudden Impact (1983) – 6.7/10

5. The Dead Pool (1988) – 6.3/10

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