The best 7 Netflix Hidden Tips and Tricks – Never Seen Before


Everyone Known as Netflix is the best biggest platform in the world such as streaming a lot of web series, movies. The best 7 Netflix hidden tips and tricks for you.

Netflix gains total live subscribers are 167 million users this year otherwise you include this counting, Now tell how you are using Netflix? Generally every user showing some web series and movies. That is enough

Now you are a Netflix subscriber?

The best ways of using Netflix like a pro and upgrade your streaming experience better. This trick & Tips are unique so every one Not knows him and you are surprising show tricks like a king. Sounds like good

Netflix Movie

Best 7 Netflix Hidden Tips & Tricks in 2020

Netflix hidden tips and trick listing below

1. Search Hidden Subgenres

Now Netflix is a streaming platform Right, so every age people access every program in fact 3 years to 18 years child show on Netflix. Then Netflix is dividing into two genres by assigned codes to each genre and subgenre. Now, How to use this Search Hidden Subgenres? Right

In this case, you are using this trick manually and you can access the full list of movies Or programs.

First of all, you can need one google chrome Or other search engines like Mozilla, Opera, and one Netflix subscribed account. In order to do, so you type of

After that, just swap out the “X” component with the code that corresponds to the genre you hope to browse and you all get to see all of the options available.

Boom, You can see every movie, Web series, and T.V episodes.

2. Download & Watch everything when you’re offline

Netflix streaming video thought the high-speed internet. so, you can watch the program everywhere like a PC, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, and smart T.V. Now Netflix changed everything by adding offline download options available on the app.

An offline option is provided resolution by downloading option like you are show movie in 480p quality as an option.

For example


144p – 60 MB

240p – 140Mb

360p – 300MB

480p – 550MB

720p – 950MB

That you will be choosing a quality by download option. You’ll need the mobile app and factor in that downloading requires a bit of time and storage space.

3. Add IMDb Rating

In case, Everybody does not know what is IMDb Rating? Kindly information, IMDb is the biggest online database of information related to a movie, T.v programs, streaming video and video games. additionally, IMDb shows the popularity of movie Or Streaming video by a given rate of 1 to 10. Interesting hmmm.

Oh Yes, This is the best way to showing which movie is best Or not. of course, giving a rating by IMDb.

How to add IMDb Rating on Netflix?

First of all, You need one laptop Or PC. One high-speed internet connection. Bingo.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser
  • Search Google Extention in the Search bar.
  • Type IMDb Ratings for Netflix.
  • Add Extension.

Mission Complete, that is funny… Right

4. Optimize with HD

Maybe you watching a movie Or a Streaming video on HD. That is considered to burn your internet data Or Wi-Fi. In that case, HD Or UHD video is much more data to run ( up to 5 GB per hour). Make sure your internet data Or wifi is contained the ultimate GB pack Or Not.

In this case, enough data plan users can change video quality using an option. In other words you can select the low-quality.

5. Disable on other foreign-language shows and movie

Netflix is a worldwide platform. Obviously, many shows & movie streaming in every country and every country consist own language.Ok

Maybe, lot’s of foreign-language shows stream in this platform. Every episode dubbed subtitles by other languages.

How to fix it?

  • While used in Netflix on a web browser Or App
  • Turn on the subtitles by clicking on the audio
  • select “original” language
  • Select Subtitle your preference language

6. Netflix Flip

In this case, such as a Netflix Flip Extension is the best option for a viewing experience to the next level. you surprising your friends while watching shows in this extension.

Hence, this extension able to your screen rotates clockwise Or Anti-clockwise.

How to download?

  • open google chrome browser
  • type – google chrome extension
  • search, Netflix Flip
  • Add extension

7. Netflix Us Library

Netflix is the world’s biggest platform contained has thousands of titles on its libraries. Of course, these T.V shows and movies not available in every country. In Fact, you getting access to the half library on Netflix and other words previously blocked shows on your county you do not show on Netflix.

In Conclusion, you can access the whole Netflix Us library, you need one VPN. VPN proving a server for the US and you visit Netflix Us Library. You will be able to access thousands of other movies and T.V shows. And enjoy your favorite shows.