Batman And Harley Quinn 2017 Movie By DC Universe


Batman and Harley Quinn is the best animation film directed by Sam Liu and Produced by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. All Right

Batman in Harley Quinn is a new DC animated movie and Also the style of Batman in animated series and justice we’re kind of a new twist on it.

The Batman And Harley Quinn DC Movie Story

In this movie returning at the new Harley Quinn by hitting Robin character and here the story involves Fleurotica man and Poison Ivy teaming up to create some sort of mutagen thing.

that will turn everyone on earth into plants to save the earth from mankind and goes Batman and Nightwing must team up with Harley Quinn to stop them.

Batman finding details of fleurotica and poison Ivy using A.R.G.U.S government organization in DC.

Also Batman learns kidnapping a scientist Dr. Harold Goldbloom. In fact, he is help them to replicate the process and turn everyone into plant people.

Besides, the Nightwing find out Harley Quinn details and Also finds Harley working as a waitress at a restaurant.

So, Batman walks in Harley to talk whole thing and seduce that the Harley declares to help.

Harley all details share with Batman and find out the Ivy location but Ivy escape as their lab catches fire.

Batman contacting A.R.G.U.S. for information collecting of Ivy and Also Harvey head after them to convince Ivy to stop her mad plans.

Finnaly, Batman, Nightwing and Harvey finally stop to Woodrue.

Harvey Quinn DC

Who is Holly three she first appeared in Batman the Animated Series our story begins in Brooklyn New York?

since her early childhood Colleen had a growing interest in criminal psychology in high school her interests remained the same and she felt misunderstood.

Maybe, Harleen passing high school to joining Gotham University and graduated at the top of her class.

She quickly found work at a prominent hospital in Gotham City.

Although, she still felt drawn to something else was soon transfering to Arkham.

she finally got to pursue her passion Marlene excelled as a psychiatrist at Holcomb and she began to counsel.

the high-risk criminals she soon discovered that the patients would not trust the doctors.

After, Malcolm as a new patient Pauline could now finally get a better look inside the mind of a criminal although she still had one inmate at the top of her list the Joker.

she is fascinating psychology of the Joker and believing he is misdiagnosing his previous doctors.

when she met the joker he quickly saw through her disguise and began to flirt with him they would frequently chat about their lives and counseled each other he promised.

she beginning to fall in love with joker.

Now, she escaping with the joker and this night joker took her to ask questions.

Harley proves yourself falls into a vat of chemicals and joker nicknamed her Harley Quinn.