Alien Movies in Order Ranked From Worst To Best

Alien movies in order
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All Alien movies in order are probably one of the most recognizable science fiction series there is. Featuring the famous 20th Century Studios, it shows one of the best Alien movie series began with Alien 1979. The original Alien movie which was filmed in 1979 is most noted for the scene that’s simply referred to as commercial space tug Nostromo. It starts with Tom Skerritt is on a return trip back to Earth with a seven-member crew in stasis, They discover the signal comes from a derelict alien ship. That the began Alien movie timeline.

Over the last 40 years, the Alien franchise has continued to inspire its viewers. Since the first movie in 1979 to the last in 2017, dedicated fans of all generations have been enjoying that story. The six films have generated their makes a combined total of over a billion dollars, the most successful of them being Alien IV. If you’re wondering if you should watch the Alien movies in order, you probably don’t have to. I would absolutely recommend watching the first one no matter what. However, after you view the first one, you can safely watch whichever you want after that. For example, you can easily the third film in the series without having watched the second.

Alien Movies In Chronological order and Alien Movie Timeline Explained

Alien movies timeline explained in chronological order and also Alien movies order to watch. The franchise began with Alien 1979 and was followed by three sequels, Aliens 1986, Alien 3 1992, and Alien Resurrection 1997. when a film franchise made a prequel series composed of Prometheus 2012 and Alien: Covenant 2017. It is complicated to understand the Alien movie timeline but we’re gonna try to sort it.

Prometheus (2012)

4 Billion Of Years Past: the alien series begin billions of years in the past when we see an engineer drinks some mysterious black liquid and loss himself into a waterfall.

2089: Archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discovered a cave painting in Scotland that they’re star maps they found similar maps all over the world all pointing to the same place.

2093: Four years later, Sean Holloway along with a research team funded by the Weiland corporation arrived on board the spaceship Prometheus at the planet the maps were pointing to LV 2 to 3 during an expedition into an alien structure, the Android David finds some black liquid and takes it back to the ship his hypothesis that it may give eternal life to his alien creator Peter Whelan who secretly traveled to Lv. 2 to 3 with the Prometheus crew. David tests that hypothesis on an unwitting Holloway, and end of the storyline a creature birth by Shaw.

Alien: Covenant (2017)

2104: a group of colonists aboard the spaceship covenant discover distress signal coming from a lush planet which also happens to be where Shaw and David ended up after the event of Prometheus.

After landing idiots a number of covenant crew members get infected by airborne black spores setting in motion a chain reaction of carnage aboard the ship alien covenants paradise its also turns out to be housing a new breed of alien. as well as, the Neomorph at least one xenomorph with a real vendetta against windshields new protagonist Daniels and Android Walter, who also looks like Michael Fassbender they discovered more about the engineers and their mystery liquid.

Alien (1979)

2122: Onboard, the commercial spacecraft Nostromo returning home from an expedition commissioned by the Weyland-Yutani corporation on their way back the crew responds to a distress call on Lv. 426 and discovers a crashed engineer ship infested with xenomorph eggs executive officer Kane is attacked by a face-hugger gets takes back to the ship and becomes that guy at the dinner party that’s awkward Kane’s chest-burster scuttles away and quickly grows into an adult xenomorph.

which starts killing everyone on board as the crew hunts the alien, Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley discovers that the Nostromo is Android has been instructed to return it to Weyland-Yutani back on earth. So, they can weaponize it but the xenomorph kills everyone. Unfortunately, Ripley and Jones escape in the Nostromo shuttle. she puts herself and with jones into hypersleep.

Aliens (1986)

2179: 57 years later, Ripley is awakened on a space station orbiting earth waiting Yutani claimed not to believe her story, and Junior carter Burke manages to convince her to return to Lv.426 as the settlement. There has stopped responding to communications and those idiots Jones hangs back making him once on the planet they discover one survivor Feral Newt.

the crew was attacked by swarms of xenomorph Bill Paxton loses his damn mind and burke is revealed as this voyages to take aliens back to earth but the settlements nuclear reactor explodes Ripley kills the alien queen, who was trying to stow away on the dropship. but Ripley battles the creature the use of an exosuit cargo-loader and expels it via an airlock into space.

Alien 3 (1992)

Following the event of Aliens, Escaping on board the Sulaco, it seems a stowaway Facehugger starts a fire which causes the Sulaco to crash on Fiorina “Fury” 161, a prison planet Ripley is the sole survivor the Facehugger escapes impregnates a dog and burst forth as a quadrupedal xenomorph known as a runner.

However, the runner presented with an opportunity to kill Ripley but it leaves her alone because it can sense an alien queen embryo inside her chest, and Ripley an inmate Morse managed to eventually kill it before Weyland-Yutani arrived to remove the embryo but Ripley forts them by throwing herself into molten metal.

Alien: Resurrection (1997)

2379: 200 years later, the United System’s military has cloned themselves a Ripley and the alien queen to get rip of producing a whole new generation of Xenomorphs. onboard the space vessel USM Auriga predictably the newborn queen escapes and the Xenomorphs do best their murder spree trigger an irreversible emergency detour back to earth.

Ripley is taken to an alien nest where she discovers the alien queen cloned from her chest possesses a human womb in front of Ripley the queen gives birth to a human xenomorph hybrid which immediately kills its mom. Ripley tearfully sends it out the window in the usual fashion and watches from the mercenary ship as the Auriga collides with earth killing all the aliens on board.