10 Best Haku Spirited Away movie quotes

Haku Spirited Away
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When it comes to summer vacation movies, there is a reason Haku Spirited Away (2001) is regarded as one of the best summer films of all time – the movie is loaded with fantasy scenes. the movie tells the story of a 10-years-old girl who is moving to a new town with her family. When she knows a mysterious land, after some time her parents turn into pigs by the Witch Yubaba. And then Chihiro takes work in the Witch house to find out a way to free herself and also her family return to a normal body.

This movie story going to the big screen with high rated by both critics and fans. Also, Haku Spirited Away is Hayao Miyazaki’s first animation film winning many awards such as the Oscar and the 75th Academy Awards. Besides, the Sripited Away movie is the most successful and highest-grossing film in Japanese history. it is grossing over on box office $352 million worldwide.

In this post, I am taking a look at some of the quotes from the Haku Spirited Away movie, with a run-through of some of the movie’s best lines. These are the quotes that really stand out from this Oscar-winning movie, so if you are looking for the lines that made the movie, then this is the post for you.

Best Haku Spirited Away movie quotes

Spirited Away movie quotes
Image: @Studio Ghibli

Lin: (referring to Chihiro) What? Don’t you dump her on me!

Haku: You said you wanted as assistant.


Chihiro: You can remember your name?

Haku: No, But for some reason I remember yours.


Kamaji: Haku? You’re alright…

Haku: I’m fine. Where is Sen? Did she go somewhere? Can you tell me what’s going on?

Kamaji: You blacked out, remember?

Haku: Yeah I remember being in darkness… Then I could hear Sen’s voice calling out my name, so I followed her voice and the next I knew, I was lying here better than ever.


Haku: You did it, Chihiro I remember. I was the spirit of the Kohaku River!

Chihiro: A river spirit?

Haku: My name is the Kohaku River!

Chihiro: They filled in that river, it’s all apartments now!

Haku: That must be why I can’t find my way home, Chihiro. I remember you falling into my river, and I remember your little pink shoe.

Chihiro: So, you were the one who carried me back into shallow waters, you saved me! I knew you were good!


Boh: Play with me or I’ll break your arm.

Haku: (as Boh is twisting her arm) That hurts! Please! I’ll play with you later okay?


Chihiro’s Father: A new home and a new school? it is a bit scary.

Chihiro: I think I can handle it.


Zeniba: Once you do something. you never forget. Even if you can’t remember.


Zeniba: Use it to tie your hair. It’ll protect you. It is made from the threads your friends wove together.


Chihiro: I finally get a bouquet and it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing.


Chihiro: (realizing after her parents have turn into pigs) Mom! Dad! Come on, quit eating! Let’s get out of here!


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